From a café to a 4-star hiking & wellness hotel

Family-run since 1955

In 1947, Richard Erlebach, originally from the Riesengebirge Mountains, married Charlotte Kessler, who came from a long-settled family from Wals. In 1955, Richard and Charlotte took their step into self-employment and founded their own business. A small café for 20 patrons and a few guest rooms in the same building – this set the stage for what would become the Hotel Erlebach ...

A hotel with (family) history

Over the years, the Erlebach family grew as Charlotte and Richard welcomed four daughters. Their building began to grow, too, with additions, renovations, expansions… one of the first indoor pools in the valley was built, many rooms were added, and the original café was transformed into a four-star hotel.

A lot has changed since 1955. But one thing hasn’t: the hotel, which proudly bears the name Erlebach in memory of its founder who died in 1994, is still run by the family. Today, it is the third generation, Raimund and Sara Bischof, at the helm. And again, big changes are coming starting in spring 2024, with the renovation of the hotel entrance area and reception, as well as the completely new construction of a rooftop spa area including a heated outdoor pool. True to the motto: standing still means going backwards! And standing still is something that is out of the question for Hotel Erlebach and the entire family.

A journey through time: the Erlebach through the years


Café Erlebach was founded

As a young family with four daughters, Charlotte and Richard Erlebach took the first step in the Hotel Erlebach history in 1955 as they founded the Café Erlebach with room for 20 patrons and 10 guest rooms.


The first renovations and expansion

In 1960 the café grew to 60 seats and three additional Comfort Rooms were added.

1969 & 1970

One of valley’s first indoor pools

The next round of renovations included not only the first indoor pool in the valley, but also 24 more Comfort Rooms and the Rübezahl Cellar with seating for 40 guests and two ninepin bowling alleys.

1980 & 1981

Growing to host 80 guests

The hotel grew to its current size and capacity of 80 beds in 1980 and 1981.


An oasis for guests

In 1994, owners Robert and Dagmar Amann built the winter garden and massage room – their vision of a “wellness hotel” starts taking shape…


The passing of hotel founder Richard Erlebach

Richard Erlebach passed away in December 1994. His daughter Dagmar Amann took over management with her husband, Robert. They were assisted by their two daughters Sara Bischof and Carmen Gorbach.


New entrance area & hotel bar

In 1999, the entrance area of the Hotel Erlebach was remodelled and the hotel bar created.


The “Garden of Eden Spa” grows

By the start of the 2000 winter season, the Rübezahl Cellar had been transformed into the Garden of Eden Spa – guests could now enjoy 600 m² of space exclusively for massages, baths and therapies.


Rooms & lobby are updated

Spring 2005 saw the modernisation and renovation of 11 guest rooms, and the restaurant was repurposed into a lobby.


Renovation leads to new rooms

Five new two-room Alpine suites, three double rooms and two single rooms were created through renovation of the old hotel wing in April and May 2010.


Continuous renovation

Between 2015 and 2021, four double rooms were completely renovated and equipped with new bathrooms. A new elevator was installed and necessary fire protection measures were taken.


Sara & Raimund Bischof take over management

Robert Amann passed away in July 2018. As a result, management of the Hotel Erlebach was handed over to daughter Sara and son-in-law Raimund Bischof, who were assisted by Sara’s sister Carmen Gorbach.


Transformation into a limited liability company

In May 2023, the Hotel Erlebach changed from a sole proprietorship to a GmbH (LLC). Raimund and Sara Bischof run the hotel together with active assistance from Sara’s sister, Carmen Gorbach.


Large-scale renovations: spa, lobby & facade

Major renovation of the Hotel Erlebach begins in spring 2024: a heated outdoor pool and an adjoining spa area will be built on the roof. In addition, the entire entrance area will be redesigned, and a new wooden facade will visually pull the exterior together. The hotel will reopen on 1 August 2024 after the major renovation is completed!

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